Fighting for Hard Working Leon County Families
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Building the
Northeast Park
Supporting strong
Brought 1,000 new jobs
by investing in Amazon
Protecting your
tax dollars
Making our
roads safer
Holding Politicians
Leading the fight for
smart growth
Keeping Leon County
Meet Brian.
Husband, Father,
Teacher, Leader.
Brian fights for a better quality
of life for every hard working
Leon County family.
On the issues.
Quality of
Fast tracked the Northeast Park.

Created first ever Family Day in State of Florida.

Added two new parks in Killearn Acres.
Growth and
Ensuring infrastructure keeps up with growth.

$250 million dollars in Blueprint projects to Northeast Leon County.

Supporting traffic reduction and road safety.
Crime and
Supported Leon County Sheriff's Office's Council on the Status of Men and Boys.

Created a dedicated homeless outreach team.

Supported the Real Time Crime Center.